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Project Enable is an engineering teaching effort started by Krishna Seshan in the spring of 2007.
The program connects students with clients and experts in the fields of bio-mechanics and
bio-engineering, while exposing them to advanced design practices. Students engage individual
clients, go through the rigorous steps of design, brainstorm, refine, prototype and build.

Project Enable provides clients with personalized solutions to accomplish common tasks.
Many of our clients find that off-the-shelf items need to be modified or redesigned.
We do this with them. We also engage with clients to design and build individualized tools
and gadgets. Our designs involve robotic, electromagnetic, and computer-controlled solutions
where necessary.

Project Enable is a private Not for Profit LLC.

Students at this time are mostly from San Jose State University; we hope to grow and engage
students from other technical programs. To learn more, download our free brochure.

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intelligent cane people lifter strength measurement system solar water purifier
The Intelligent Cane The People Lifter Strength Measurement System Solar Water Purifier


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